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Attract, retain & support parents in the workplace

As an employer, how you show up for expecting and new parents is going to be the #1 factor in determining retention & future employee engagement


Amanda helps progressive companies empower expectant and new parent employees to succeed

Maternity and paternity leaves are more than just PTO. The months before, during and after leave can be key to your teams’ and employers’ long-term success.

With support, planning, and education, the transitions around parental leave can be the launch pad for personal and professional growth.

Employees thrive with guidance as they adapt to the emotional, physical, and mental toll of welcoming a new member to their family while continuing to build their careers.

Managers and teams benefit from an external perspective as they juggle supporting new parents while continuing to meet business goals and increase team engagement.

Employers & HR need to ensure their businesses will continue to thrive and retain star performers.

That’s where Amanda comes in. 

As a trained Parental Leave Coach, Amanda blends transition & executive coaching with her knowledge of postpartum well-being to help expectant employees and their direct supervisors navigate the realities of parental leave. Her approach will drive results at work and empower employees to thrive at home.

Amanda offers these services to your employees

Professional development for employees & managers

Parental leave coaching


With coaching programs for employees and managers, the transitions around parental leave can be a launch pad for professional and personal growth.

Parental coaching workshops


Interactive sessions and training material for ERGs, affinity groups, and leadership teams create allies for those navigating the parental leave journey.

The benefits of parental leave coaching are clear for your business

Attract top talent

Thousands of companies, big and small, seek out the best talent.  Stand out from the competition by showing prospective employees that you truly support their career and family goals.

Reduce turnover rates

A positive parental leave experience for employees and managers alike drives better rapport and stronger loyalties.  It also ensures parents will be able to return to work, fully themselves and ready to crush it!

Gain competitive edge

Generous parental leave benefits helps promote diversity and close the gender wage gap.  A diverse workforce committed to your business's success is the best recipe for innovation.

Ethos Veterinary Health/NVA has had the pleasure of working with Amanda for over a year.  She was hired as our guest speaker for The Ethos Quarterly Virtual Baby Shower Events.  The feedback on her presentation and helpful tips has been fantastic with comments such as, "I really enjoyed that Amanda advocates for the parents (but especially the mom) to take care of themselves and having specific people helping parents. I think that’s so important for new parents to be prepared for and Amanda does a great job talking to us about that."  Ethos happily recommends Amanda as a presenter and an expert on identifying working parents' needs and how organizations can support them in the workplace.

Alicia Cuelo, 
Sr. Partner, DEI and Community Responsibility
Ethos Veterinary Health/NVA

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