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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching packages

Can coaching packages and terms be negotiated or changed?

Absolutely!  Prices and package details can be tailored to the employee’s own needs and timelines.  Ideally, I would recommend working with an employee (or employee and manager) for at least 3 months, to cover an entire phase.  Whether it’s before, during or after parental leave is up to you.  

Contact me directly so we can identify together a tailored coaching experience.


Is there a conflict of interest if you are coaching an employee, but hired by that employee’s company? How confidential are the coaching sessions?

Although I am contracted by the employer, as a coach I am ethically bound to maintain confidentiality to my client (the parent). What is shared in sessions remains between the parent and me. 

My ultimate goal is to make the parental leave transition period as smooth as possible, empowering the parent and their teams to have what they need to succeed. As long as the employee and their teams are working towards the same goals and their welfares are aligned, there is no conflict of interest.


I think I will need more than what's in the packages. Can I add-on services?

Absolutely! Babies and new parenthood bring lots of surprises. We can add on services at any time, and discuss those details in person.


I have an employee who is coming back from leave very soon. Is it too late to get coaching for them?

Not at all. This parent won’t need a full parental leave coaching package as they are already nearing Phase 3 (the return to work). Contact me for a tailored coaching experience to meet them where they are.

Who is coaching for?


Why do you include managers and supervisors to your coaching packages?

Did you know that employees' relationship with managers is the #1 factor of workplace satisfaction, and the #2 factor in life satisfaction overall? Since managers have such profound impact on employees’ careers, lives and well-being, you want those stakeholders to be able to support their employees through the parental leave period. Coaching gives them the tools and skills they need to do so effectively.


Is this program just for moms or can partners participate too?

Coaching is for anyone directly impacted by the addition of a new family member - moms, dads,  parents of any type! When hired by an employer, I work typically with one parent but partners are welcome to join or have their own sessions. When I work with individuals, I strongly encourage partners to be part of the process. 

Is there a benefit to coaching even if this isn’t the first child?

Yes! I often work with second-time (or third-time) parents.  There are many reasons people becoming parents to an additional child may want to sign up for coaching:

  1. Their previous experience becoming parents didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped and they want to do things differently.

  2. This particular experience feels more challenging emotionally or physically than the first time.

  3. They are facing a new situation, be it a new job or manager, a different partner or home situation, and they need additional guidance and support. 

  4. Their first experience adopting, or giving birth, to a child, and they would like support navigating this particular situation.

Any time the family is growing, there are bound to be different challenges.  Parents deserve support, whether it's the first, second, third or more times!

Next steps

I’m interested! How do I sign up or learn more about your services?

I love the enthusiasm! 

For all prospective clients and partners, I recommend scheduling a free discovery call, or sending me a message to get started. That way, I can learn about you or your employees’ needs and concerns, and you can gauge how comfortable you or your employees would feel around me. 

After that initial call, we can either continue following up with each other regarding upcoming programs and packages, or keep in touch when a more optimal occasion comes up for further partnership.


I’m not sure we need parental leave coaching immediately.  Do you offer additional programs that could benefit our workforce?

Definitely! I’m also available to conduct interactive workshops with ERGs, affinity groups and leadership teams to help them become better allies for employees navigating parenthood.  If that interests you, feel free to schedule a free discovery call, or message me instead.

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