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Parental Leave Coaching

Take charge of your parental leave and return

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Preparing for Leave

Set the tone for the parental leave you desire. Planning at work and home will set you up for success


Your time at home

Education and guidance to help you build strong foundations amid change roles, routines, & responsibilities

Mother Working from Home

Return with confidence

Return to work with clear intentions and a plan that allows you to thrive a home and in your career

When your identity broadens to include "working parent"...

As a perinatal professional, mom, and veteran of the corporate world, I have seen the pitfalls that trip up so many working parents. I have also seen how - with the right resources - working can improve parenting satisfaction, and parenting can improve job performance.

With Parental Leave Coaching, I help expecting and new parents take charge of their leave and return. 


The journey to parenthood and working parenthood is not a one-size-fits-all. With compassion, pragmatism, and creativity, I work with parents to find the path that works best for everyone. 


Journey to Working Parenthood

Everything you need for the transition to working parenthood

We've all heard of the challenges that face working parents. You've invested time and energy in getting your career to this point and you believe that there has to be a way to integrate parenthood and your career. Good news! By intentionally planning your leave your way, you can enjoy your time at home and have a smooth transition back to work.

Using the proven RETAIN Parental Leave Coaching program, you can set yourself - and your team - up for long-term success by building communication skills, practicing boundary setting, and advocating for yourself throughout the parental leave transition.

In the Journey to Working Parenthood package you will get:

  • 12 coaching sessions following an evidence-based, validated methodology

  • Parental Leave Transition Assessment and full report

  • Next Steps: Action Planning templates

  • Perinatal mental health screens at every session

  • Access to resource list, videos, and articles

  • Postpartum check ins for your and your new baby

  • Ongoing text and email support between sessions

As you prepare for leave, we will:

  • Assess your strengths, liabilities, and areas to grow;

  • Create an action plan to help you communicate with your team and off-load your responsibilities in a way that is good for the company, your colleagues, and your future success;

  • Develop a "Keep In Touch" strategy that allows you as much or as little contact from work as you want;

  • Examine your support network and ensure you have the tools and resources you need as you become a parent.

Throughout your maternity or paternity leave, your coach will,

  • Share resources & provide education about newborn and new parent care;

  • Talk about the shifting roles, responsibilities, and routines you experience as you become a mom or dad;

  • Discuss child care options and build your support network;

  • Explore your intentions and desires around your eventual return to work;

  • Develop a strong foundation to support your return to work

When you are ready to return to work, together we will

  • Examine ways in which your priorities and needs may have shifted

  • Create a re-entry plan that will meet the needs of your family and your company

  • Adjust and adapt at work and home to find your new rhythms and way of working

Are you ready to take charge of your parental leave?

Call today to discuss options

Parental leave Coaching Sessions

A little support when you need it

Parental Leave Coaching Sessions

The transition to working parent impacts roles, responsibilities, routines, and relationships. That's a lot to navigate on your own! Parental Leave Coaching sessions provide you the space to think through all of the ins and outs of this pivotal phase of your career - with the guidance and insights of a certified coach.  At the end of each hour, you’ll have identified clear next steps and a plan of how to put them into action. I will send you an accountability email a few days after to help you take that step.

 $145 for a 1 hour session; $575 for 5 sessions

Amanda's coaching was hugely impactful as I transitioned into new parenthood and then into full-time working parenthood. She helped me to develop a confidence-based mindset and provided practical solutions to challenges I was facing. Our work together helped (and still helps) me to be calm and resilient but most of all to focus on what matters the most: the joy of bringing a new baby into our family.

New Mom to Baby Q.

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