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New Parents

The journey from employee to parent to working parent is the most influential pivot point in a person's career.

As an employer, how you show up now is going to be the #1 factor in determining retention & future employee engagement.

With support, planning, and education, the transitions around parental leave can be the launch pad for personal and professional growth. 

Father & Son

Parental Leave Coaching for new parents and managers enables you to:

Retain Valuable Employees

Your people are the heart and soul of the business. With coaching, employees will continue to be your MVPs throughout their transition to working parents.

Develop Talent

With intention and planning, parental leave transitions are an opportunity for growth for parents, managers, and colleagues - personally and professionally

Promote Mattering

By offering personalized coaching, you remind employees that their contribution to the organization is valued and desired. Let them know they matter.

Turn Policy into Practice

Family-friendly policies are on the rise. Take your commitment to the next level and develop practices that support company culture.

Support Mental Well Being

1 in 5 new moms and 1 in 10 new dads struggle with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Every coaching session includes mental health screening so employees who need it get help sooner.

Ease Transitions

Change doesn't have to be hard! With guidance, the parental leave transition can be an empowering & confidence-building experience for all.

Parental leave is a transition period

The parental leave period is not just the time when a parent is out of the office. 

It's the preparation leading up to the leave, support while the parent is at home, and welcoming them back as working parents.

A successful transition ensures that the needs of the parent and the organization are met. With effective communication, careful planning, and helpful resources, the parental leave transition ensures that managers, team members, and new parents feel confident and ready for the road ahead.

Preparing for leave​

Assess the needs of the parent & manager, create transition plans, develop a 'keep in touch' strategy, and celebrate the transition to parenthood​

During leave

Provide resources and support in a way that builds strong foundations at home for a successful return as a working parent​

Returning from leave

Align the needs of the new parent and the organization with a comprehensive re-entry plan, support managers in welcoming parents back, and make adaptations as needed

Parental Leave Coaching recognizes that parenting and working do not happen in isolation. With a heart-centered, data-driven process, coaching gives parents the knowledge and confidence that enhances work-life and home-life.


Amanda's coaching was hugely impactful as I transitioned into new parenthood and then into full-time working parenthood. She helped me to develop a confidence-based mindset and provided practical solutions to challenges I was facing. Our work together helped (and still helps) me to be calm and resilient but most of all to focus on what matters the most: the joy of bringing a new baby into our family.

New Mom to Baby Q.

Meet Your Coach

Amanda Fall Casual.jpg

Amanda Hemm is on a mission to help companies establish practices that prepare employees for parental leave, the return to work, and build foundations to support the long-term realities of juggling career and parenthood.

As a coach, Amanda walks with parents every step of the way offering encouragement, insights, and education as they grow into the parents they want to be. Through 1-on-1 coaching Amanda helps parents gain confidence and shed the overwhelm.

Amanda started working with new families in 2014 as a postpartum doula, a lactation educator, and a facilitator of new parent groups. These experiences, as well as her own as a mother of two, have validated her belief that there is no one "right" way to be a parent. We all have parenting instincts that are good for our families - sometimes we just need a little help learning to listen and trust those instincts.

Amanda lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two kids. She loves to be in nature and takes every opportunity to visit Central Vermont where she grew up.

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