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Retain & Support Employees

When you add Parental Leave Coaching to your benefits package, you are doing more than checking a box. You are:

  • Showing employees they matter

  • Creating a culture where employees can bring their whole selves to work

  • Retaining employees that you have invested so much in

  • Increasing satisfaction of co-workers who help cover workloads

  • Providing professional development to managers and leadership teams

Facts & Figures

As parental leave policies become more prevalent and states begin to offer more paid family &  medical leave, it is easy to think all is well. However, we still have a way to go. 

The lack of meaningful support for new parents is hurting families, organizations, and society. Policies must be met with practices that encourage parents to meet the needs of their families. This is where transformation happens.


of women who work in STEM leave full time employment after having a baby

9 /10

fathers look for good parental leave policies when searching for professional-level jobs


of respondents said the parental leave policy at their company was not LGBTQ inclusive

Let's talk!

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